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Meet Carrie

Certified Health Coach & Wellness Guide

With over twenty years of health care, education and wellness practice experience I am prepared to meet your needs. In addition to my academic and professional experience I hold the following degrees and certifications:

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Registered Nurse

Certified Wellness Practitioner

Certified Health Coach

Certified Nurse Educator

Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with me. Here is what others have to say:


"Carrie's passion is infectious."

"Carrie was wonderful to work with." 

What I Specialize In

Identifying Values and Beliefs about Health and Wellness

Setting the Stage for Sustainable Change

Collaboratively Creating Realistic Wellness Goals

Supporting  Bold Endeavors

Seeking Sustainable Peace in the Beautiful Chaos of Life

The Journey Towards Wellness Begins with Healing and Ends with Hope.

Begin Your Journey Today with Bold Contentment.

Let’s Be Bold Together

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Feminine Typographic Line Art Logo (2).png
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