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My Approach as a Wellness Coach is 
Bold and Content

Finding joy, laughing, feeling connected to people, traveling, exploring, learning and being of service to others are my passions. If we are lucky enough to cross paths and share part of this journey together I will strive to meet your individual needs so that you have the tools to be bold, to find contentment and become your best iteration.

In being bold you will actively make decisions to achieve your goals.
Through contentment you will embrace peace throughout your journey.

The first things that usually come to mind when someone says "I want to get healthy" is diet and exercise. Well, those are components, but by far not the most important.


Becoming healthy and well is not a quick fix, it is an intentional daily journey that is rooted in your beliefs and values. These beliefs and values shape your daily decisions to either support or hinder your journey. Value-based decision making translates to bold beautiful actions. Bold actions coupled with intentional contentment in each moment translates to a fulfilled and cherished life. 

I know that you are the best person to make profoundly impactful choices throughout this journey. My role is to support you in that journey so that you may embrace the bold, be content and and become your best iteration. 


Be bold. Be content. Be an amazing you. 

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