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A Well Worn Groove

A well worn groove is something you don't even think about really. Just like this record, the needle sits right in that groove, happy as a lark to stay put, not to change a thing, just doing its thing. No thought needed, simply place the needle into the groove and voila, music plays. Such is true with the daily habits of our life. We wake up, roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and do what we do, most often not even thinking about those well worn habits.

Typically routines are healthy. Humans thrive when we exist in an environment where know what to expect, when to expect it and how to react. Change is hard and best, tumultuous at worst. But sometimes change is needed. Maybe you have lost your patience with loved ones too often and it is straining your relationships, perhaps your provider shared some discouraging health news or maybe you are simply feeling unwell or unhappy with your present status.

Routine is comforting. An action, person or environment that disturbs that routine is a challenge. But when a person realizes the cons outweigh the pros with the status quo, initiative for behavior change is stoked. Take the examples above, those strained relationships are taking its toll at work and home, your health problem is limiting your favorite activities or your angsty feeling that there is more out there propels the desire for change. Yet despite that desire to change we can be unprepared for the challenge and not know where to begin. It is so comfortable to sit in that groove, and conversely uncomfortable to try and propel ourselves out of it.

So what is the key, the trick, the secret weapon to propel ourselves out of the groove, to achieve behavior change that is sustainable? Honestly, there is no magic bullet, but rather quite a few best practice interventions to help get you through the process. The process has many moving parts, it is dynamic and unique to the individual. This is the goal of the wellness coaching practice, to help others find their own way out of the "unwell" groove and make a new groove that aligns with their needs, desires and goals.

Intentional planning, preparation, belief in the change and sustained actions are some of the keys to successful sustainable behavior change. With practice, patience, and grace for errors you can make your goals habit. Join me to begin your process of creating a new well worn groove.



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